Okay, this will blow your mind… So yesterday we get a call for a job that aint’ fun by any means. A home owner says a really strong dead animal smell is coming from under his mobile home… So lucky me had to go out. I get there, pretty strong smell of death. I suit up, face mask respirator, headlamp on, go. I slide under the house like a snake. There are fly’s everywhere. I begin snaking my way around the 1000 sq ft home. Every 10 feet I remove the mask and sniff to see if the smell is stronger … That’s right, the only way to find the animal is to sniff it out… I end up crawling all the way around and find nothing. This indicated the worst case scenario… Mobile homes have pink insulation underneath that is covered by black canvas to hold it in. Animals that find a way under rip through the canvas to find a cozy spot to call home. The animal I was looking for was in the insulation which would make it virtually impossible to find without spending hours upon hours slicing open the 1000 sq ft of canvas to search for it.

When I realized it was inside the canvas somewhere I just laid there…in the dirt, in the dark, under the home almost admitting defeat. I laid there for a couple minutes. But then I started praying, “Lord c’mon! Tell me where it is please. There’s no way I can find it unless you tell me. Holy Spirit c’mon and show me.” With my head on the ground I look up where the head lamp is aiming. I focus in on the spot. The canvass is completely sealed but at the spot where I was somehow directed to look … there was a hole, no more than an inch long. At the hole, I see movement inside… I’m like, no way… It looked like water moving back n forth but I knew what it was. It was so impossible I had to check myself and focused in hard on it again. OMG I repeatedly said as I rolled over and laid on my back. Are you kidding me?? Do you know what it was? Wait for it … They were maggots… Which meant I had found the animal. IMPOSSIBLE. I slither over, prep the bags on the ground underneath, then tear the canvas… Inside was an adult deceased Opossum… This is cringe worthy in every regard. Poor dead animal and massive amounts of maggots. But remember, maggots are just a stage of a baby fly. But I had never seen that amount of maggots before… Thousands covering almost every part of the body. The fur of the animal was completely off. I bagged the possum and maggots with adrenaline pumping and got out of there. But I felt really bad about the maggots. They were babies after all. Life is life. But everything had to be removed. I found a spot out in the forest and left the animals there for other animals to feed on. Wildlife, especially coyotes have extremely strong stomachs!

There was no way I would find that possum. It was impossible… Anything is possible with God.

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