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Outback Zack with Screech Owls

About the owner

Zack Heart, aka Outback Zack (born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is a Wildlife Expert, Conservationist, and a Professional Actor & TV Personality.

When he’s not relocating or rescuing wild animals he hosts & acts on TV & Film. His background is Zoology, Conservation Biology, Animal Handling, Cognitive Ethology, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation & has worked with over 300 different species! He has also completed over 3000 wildlife removal jobs! When he’s not performing like a seal on TV & in movies, Zack & his amazing animal removal team are giving residential & business owners peace of mind by evicting their animal visitors, relocating them back to their natural habitat, & making sure they don’t return! Zack’s business is based on resolving conflicts between people & animals in a safe & efficient manner that causes the least amount of stress possible to both animals and people. “Animals are my life & I love them all. The key to making the world a better place for them is simply by educating people which creates appreciation & awareness.”

Our Services

Pigeon Exclusion

Bird Removal Experts

Expert Bird Removal for Residential & Commercial. Woodpeckers, Swallows, Pigeons, Sparrows and more.We also remove, clean, and disinfect the toxic Bird Poop they leave!

Nuisance Animal Removal

Do You Have Unwanted Pests destroying your property or unwanted animals at your home or business you would like removed like Mice, Rats, Woodpeckers, Swallows, Pigeon, Raccoons….


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People love our work!

"Incredible efforts by Outback Zack! Their dedication to saving all species is inspiring. A true wildlife warrior!"
Michelle P.
"Outback Zack's mission is commendable. They're making a difference in conservation, one species at a time!"
John J.
"Amazing work! Outback Zack's passion for wildlife preservation shines through in every project."
Smith T.